Симфонічний оркестр Lords of the Sound

Симфонічний оркестр Lords of the Sound

About Us

«Lords of the Sound» is a famous Ukrainian symphony orchestra that introduces a new orchestral culture with a modern flavor. For the ninth year in a row, we have been giving our audience amazing emotions and unforgettable impressions, surprising our fans with enchanting musical shows. However, we know that you would be interested to know how it all started. We are happy to share the story of creating «LOTS» with you, friends.

Producer: Andrii Novatorov

At the beginning of 2014, the orchestra was founded by the band’s producer Andriy Novatorov. It was the great desire to play the music of modern composers working in the film industry, as well as the lack of a similar repertoire in existing orchestras at that time, that pushed Andriy Petrovych to create something truly impressive.

Such an ambitious name of the team, consonant with the most famous film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”, challenged the musicians, awakened a sense of responsibility to the audience and at the same time set the tone for future creative development.

Conductor: Shahroh Fathizadeh

The first meeting with the audience took place on April 23, 2014 in a modest but cozy hall of the artist’s house in Kyiv. «100% SOUNDTRACKHITS» is a program that has become the calling card of the orchestra, completely capturing the hearts of the audience. A crowded hall, incessant “Bravo!” and loud ovations during for 20 minutes did not let the artists off the stage. This day was remembered for a lifetime by every member of «LOTS» and is rightfully considered the orchestra’s birthday.

In an unprecedentedly short time, «Lords of the Sound» have become one of the most popular musical groups and conduct several concert tours per season in the cities of Ukraine and beyond. They participate in festivals, in the celebration of City Days and joint projects with leading artists of the country. Thanks to the zeal of the musicians, the love and devotion of the audience, a modest, unknown orchestra in the first year conquers the most prestigious venues of the country, in particular – opera houses and the National Palace «Ukraine».

The composition of the orchestra is talented young people who have passed the competitive selection and proved their right to work in one of the best European ensembles.

At the moment, the repertoire of the orchestra consists of more than 300 compositions of different genres and directions. Music for children, music from computer games, rock hits, classics and jazz works, as well as the work of world-famous composers, were added to the usual programs of movie hits. The constant desire to captivate the audience motivates musicians to new feats and achievements!

Soloist: Yaroslav Radionenko

Every year, the team grows very rapidly. Not only the musical component is being developed, but also show elements, theatrical productions, special effects and other events are added. In addition to high-quality sound, the emphasis is on spectacle. This applies both to the appearance of the orchestra and the artistic behavior of the musicians on stage.

Now our symphony orchestra is opening the stage and audience of Europe for itself, gathering full halls, but we believe that in the near future we will be able to tour our native Ukraine again, perform with artists and collaborate with other interesting modern projects.

Soloist: Margarita Meleshko

We have a lot of plans and ideas, but we believe that they will definitely come to life, and you will witness our new achievements!

See you again with «Lords of the Sound» on the stage of your city!

The schedule of upcoming concerts is on the page: Tours. «Lords of the Sound» social media pages: Facebook and Instagram.